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The Indie Space

Jon Parker
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The Indie Space is a community of highly motivated writers and authors who love, and are serious about, their craft.

Inside the Indie Space, authors will find...

-Free books!

-Writing accountability

-Feedback on their work

-Monthly writing challenges

-Help with the writing process

-Writing and world-building help

-Social media growth assistance

-Exclusive deals on author resources

-Publish your writing in the Indie Space Anthology and/or on the Indie Space Blog!

-A platform for finding and sharing author services/newsletter swaps/cross-promotions

-The chance to affiliate for my courses and the Indie Space itself to make money for their writing businesses

-An amazing community of highly motivated and brilliant indie authors from any number of genres, including both fiction and non-fiction.

-Totally free guides on social media marketing, earning an income online, niche and keywords research, book marketing, email marketing, motivation, mindset, and so much more!

  • Membership in the Indie Space!

  • Membership in the Indie Space!


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The Indie Space

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